Friday, February 6, 2009

These are few words about our new project by Mr. Genovese, enjoy it :)

Kenneth is the husband, the more exposed member of the contemporary weaker sex. He is what is today’s real weaker sex.

Weak because he cannot decide between an ex-wife, Hilary, who cooks like a gourmet chef and his wife, Laura, who satisfies his erotic dreams. And so Kenneth cheats on the housewife, Hilary, with a bombshell lover, Laura, who, bored of being a lover, decides to become a bombshell wife, who then Kenneth cheats on with the housewife lover Hilary.

Weak towards them because he doesn't have the power to choose which of the two is his wife. Weak in the pitiful fact that the only thing that he can chose is that the other is his lover. Weak towards himself, because he cannot let go of the other as a lover.

Weak because in the attempt to maneuver the strings of his two puppets, those same strings get tied up in a net which traps him like a fish raised in a house aquarium. But far from being a house pet he reveals himself to really be an animal in captivity: raised and nourished to be eaten.

We are not talking about people. We are talking about two women with a function that makes them feeling accomplished, and about a man with two needs to satisfy. In short we are talking about relationships. About love.

The woman who cooked her husband is a dry dark comedy, basic, direct, true. Characters with few lines, nuances, who in their short 'domestic' existence, pursue their purposes essentially. They don't have a life outside; probably they don't exist outside that door. Everything that is on the other side of that front door, in that city, whether is a deserted suburb, an anonymous metropolis or a sleepy town, must be even more anonymous and flavorless of this existence of theirs, if they decide that this tenacity towards their lives is the best choice.

One of the most unmerciful portraits of the holy sanctity of marriage.

Based on millions of true stories, and if it's not your story is your neighbor's.